Sunday, October 18, 2009

Betting System Reviews Scam

The owner of Rubbish Betting System reviews is a total scam artist, he will include your system if you are an affliate on clickbank, but if you are just a normal system seller such as the Horse Racing Reverse Forecast system, then you will be totally bad mouthed. He sells links to your system, but if you don't buy a link, you are stuffed.

The owner of this website looks for horse racing system affiliates on click bank and if they are not sharing there profits, he goes in for the kill.

Try clicking on one of his approved systems, and you will notice when you get led to the sales website, you will see Hop written next to it, this is a clickbank affiliate code.

IN short, the owner Liam is profiting from him recommendations, how can you believe what he says?

If you want real reviews check out Betting System Reviews

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